PurMop® Cleanroom mops

Easy‚ handling – effective results

Brand: Hydroflex
Categories: Sterilization & Disinfection, Cleanroom Supplies


Disposable Mops | E-Series: For single-use in a cleanroom_x000D_
Controlling critical cleanroom contamination ¢ ¬ one clean mop at a time. PurMop® disposable mops perfectly meet the high requirements for safety and consistent quality in cleanroom cleaning. With the PurMop® E-Series we offer a range of cleanroom mops which deliver superior cleaning performance._x000D_
E-Series: Dry | Ready-2-Use Mops: V-Series ¢¬ presaturated_x000D_

Reusable Mops | M-Series: For multiple use in a cleanroom_x000D_
A range of high quality polyester and microfiber mops for decontamination and reuse in cleanrooms._x000D_
M-Series: Dry_x000D_

Hygiene Mops | SaniMop® : For usage within grey and hygiene areas_x000D_
Reusable hygiene mops are durable microfiber mops for usage in grey and hygiene areas (outside the cleanroom). They are made for multiple washing and reusage._x000D_
Hygiene Mops: Dry

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