Infors HT | Ecotron

Table-top incubation shaker for microorganisms

The Ecotron shaker is designed for microbial applications and users who want quality and performance with an excellent price-performance ratio.

Two-tier stacking option and small dimensions

The practical design and compact dimensions of the incubator shaker make it ideal for use in even the smallest of laboratories. It can be operated stacked in two units and as a single device, it even fits on a laboratory bench.


The patented, high-performance Penta drive unit is at the heart of many INFORS HT shakers. The highlight of the drive is its ingenious dynamic mass-balancing system, which ensures whisper-quiet, vibration-free operation.


All the parameters associated with your culture are constantly on display, thanks to the big, bright lights of the LED display. You can follow your process from across the laboratory. The intuitive menu navigation adds convenience.


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Infors HT | Ecotron
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  • Shaking throw: 25 mm
  • Suitable for bacteria, fungi and archaea
  • Cooling (optional)
  • High-performance Penta drive
  • A folding door that opens to the front makes for convenient loading
  • Can be set up as a free-standing or benchtop unit, or in a two-tier configuration
  • Drip tray for easy cleaning
  • Patented Penta drive with dynamic balancing
  • Quiet and vibration-free
  • Precise shaking speed control
  • Watertight
Operating unit
  • Splash-resistant display
  • Intuitive operation for easy handling
  • Precise parameter control and monitoring

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