Infors HT | Techfors

Pilot bioreactor for sophisticated bioprocesses

There are practically no limits on flexibility with regard to design and operation, since each pilot bioreactor model is built individually according to your needs. You specify the requirements – we implement them after performing a thorough feasibility study.

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Infors HT | Techfors
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    orders above SGD$300
Stainless steel vessel
  • Working volume up to 660 L
  • Double jacket made of 316L stainless steel
  • Optionally with single or double mechanical seal
  • Individually configurable with a selection of different impellers, spargers and special accessories
  • Individually configurable no. ports for sensors (anti-foam, optical density, pH, pO2, redox, conductivity, live cell density, etc.)
  • Pivoting vessel lid for easy access as an option
  • Easy movement of the device possible with stable wheels (up to approx. 300 L)
High-performance pumps
  • Basic setup includes four easy-load precision pumps per culture vessel (option of two more)
  • Gravimetric feeding (with external scale)
  • Profile-based pump-speed control with eve®
  • Customer-specific gassing via rotameter or mass-flow regulator
  • Cascades may be configured in serial or in parallel for controlling the pO2 via the stirrer speed, gassing rate, gas composition and pressure
  • can be extended at any time
  • Customers may choose from digital (Modbus) or analog sensors.
  • Product calibration of the pH sensor for reliable measurements during long-running bioprocesses
  • If required, additional sensors and actuators can be connected.
Validation & qualification
  • FDA compliance is taken into account
  • Based on GMP standards
  • Qualification options: IQ/OQ/FAT/SAT
eve® Bioprocess Platform Software
  • Planning, controlling and analysing bioprocesses
  • Integrated workflows, devices and bioprocess knowledge
  • Integrates bioreactors and analytical instruments, regardless of the manufacturer
  • Web-based project organisation
  • Communication using the latest OPC UA (Minifors 2) or OPC XML-DA standard (Multifors 2, Labfors 5, Techfors-S, Techfors)
  • Synchronisation of process-related events such as sampling or inoculation

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