Liquid Handlers

Gilson liquid handling tools deliver the precise control you need for sample and reagent volume transfers, ensuring reproducible results while making life in the lab easier. Beginning with the legendary PIPETMAN® technology, our liquid handling tools have evolved with your needs. We offer completely automated liquid handling systems.

GX-241 Liquid Handler
SKU: 26150004

The GX-241 Liquid Handler offers a two-rack platform for large or small volume injection and automatic fraction collection using tubes, vials, or microplates. Its small footprint makes it an ideal choice for labs where bench space is limited.

GX-271 Liquid Handler
SKU: 2614101

The GX-271 Liquid Handler offers a small footprint, medium capacity liquid handler and autosampler offers small-to-large volume injection, fraction collection, and liquid handling capabilities. Its optional dynamic syringeless pumping system is capable of delivering microliters to hundreds of millilitres, with no change in hardware.

GX-274 Liquid Handler
SKU: 2614102

The GX-274 Liquid Handler increases the throughput and efficiency of liquid transfers, serial dilutions, and other common tasks by processing up to four samples in parallel.

GX-281 Liquid Handler
SKU: 261030

This GX-281 Liquid Handler provides a versatile, large capacity platform that can be configured for injection, fraction collection, and re-injection as part of a semi-preparative or preparative HPLC purification system. With optional accessories, it can also be used as a flexible liquid handler for performing a wide variety of automated, unattended liquid handling applications.

Brand: Gilson
Categories: Laboratory and Pharma Automation, Liquid Pipetting Machines

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