Fluent® Automation Workstation

Fluent offers new opportunities to laboratories looking for state-of-the-art automation to:

  • Increase productivity
  • Streamline workflows
  • Optimize assay precision and consistency
  • Relieve operators from repetitive tasks

The system’s fully modular, open architecture allows each instrument to be individually configured with robotic arms for pipetting and labware movement, helping laboratories to meet throughput, cost saving and productivity targets.

Working in a regulated environment?
Extend Fluent with the Fluent Gx Assurance software. Fluent Gx offers the advanced process security features required to support compliance in clinical, GMP and QC facilities.
Fluent offers exceptional liquid handling performance.

  • Freely combine high precision single and multiple tip formats
  • Non-contact dispensing, even below 5 µl
  • Chose the right pipetting technology to match your application
  • Fine tune critical pipetting positions with Zero-G teaching
  • Chose disposable or washable fixed tips to suit your application and budget

Brand: TECAN
Categories: Laboratory and Pharma Automation, Liquid Pipetting Machines


Fast and Streamlined Performance
Maximize the execution of your workflows by selecting up to three independent, task-specific arms. All arms can move and perform their tasks in parallel. Effectively combine pipetting, detection, separation and logistics steps. Fast arm speeds and efficiently planned moves increase overall throughput.

Optimize Walkaway Times
Enjoy true walkaway operation with large batch capacities and seamless integration of complementary peripherals, all fully managed by FluentControl™ software. Accommodate six microplates or tip boxes in the worktable depth. Use stacked or nested tips to increase on-deck capacity. Integrate multiple devices on the worktable, around the periphery or below the deck.

Versatile Tube and Plate Handling with a Robotic Gripper Arm™
Handles a variety of labware types, such as plates, tubes and pipette tipsProvides smart interfacing between the worktable and integrated devicesWorks interdependently, without interrupting pipetting processesHas a unique Finger Exchange System™ to further extend the range of labware formats and devices that can be accommodated.

More Functionality in Less Space
In addition to its extensive deck capacity, Fluent offers expanded functionality and device integration without extending the instrument footprint. Flexible access to devices and storage below the work deck for cabinet-based instruments. Unique double deck allows tall devices to be placed in the deck, reducing their profile and allowing pipetting access, even for benchtop systems. Eccentric Robotic Gripper Arm fingers extend peripheral access at the edge of the pipetting area.

Measure and Improve Liquid Handling Efficiency
Use cloud-based Introspect™ dashboards to get a comprehensive overview of when and how your connected laboratory automation systems are used, with real-time data on instrument uptime, consumables consumption and run success.

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