HydroFlex™ Microplate Washer

Integrated Application Flexibility
Every HydroFlex washer comes with microplate shaking and automated buffer switching included, ready for ELISA washing and gentle washing of cells. In addition, optional user-interchangeable plate carriers are available for easy switching between washing and filtration applications. For magnetic bead washing, the HydroFlex uses a patented carrier design with two neodymium magnets per well, ensuring efficient bead settling.

Optional application modules, with user-exchangeable plate carriers for:

  • Automated washing of ELISAs and gentle washing of adherent cells
  • Efficient washing of Luminex-type magnetic beads (xMAP® assays) using a patented carrier design with 108 powerful neodymium magnets
  • Automated washing of small magnetic beads, such as Dynabeads® MyOne™, using an array of 96 extra powerful neodymium magnets
  • Automated low-level vacuum filtration system for processing of non-magnetic beads using filter-bottom plates
  • Automated high-level vacuum filtration system for post-PCR DNA purification

Selection of of universal wash heads, supporting all application modules:
Eight-way manifold for parallel washing of eight wells16-way manifold for parallel washing of 16 wells

Process control option for reliability and safety:
The optional Liquid Level Detection (LLD) system controls the fill levels in the wash buffer and waste bottles, warning the user when a critical liquid level has been reached.

Brand: TECAN
Categories: Laboratory and Pharma Automation, Microplate Readers and Washers, Microplate Washers

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