PHCbi | MPR-715F


Providing a complete storage solution; refrigerator and freezer in one unit

The MPR-715F combines high-performance refrigeration with a -30°C freezing environment within a small footprint for flexible, reliable and convenient sample storage. PHCbi refrigerators are designed specifically for laboratory applications with precise performance even under demanding conditions.

Optimum Temperature Distribution

Fan-forced air circulation system in the refrigerator offers better uniformity and fast recovery of temperature after routine door openings to minimise fluctuations. Secure storage at both freezing and refrigerated temperatures, within a minimal footprint, is an ideal solution for installation in smaller spaces.

Excellent Stability

A unique defrost system in the refrigerator operates only short cycles as required to prevent unnecessary temperature spikes. The freezer compartment is manually defrosted for the most stable temperature performance.

Precise Control & Monitoring

Microprocessor controller, combined with accurate sensors, maintain a precise temperatures within the refrigerator and freezer, while a comprehensive alarm system alerts of any temperature deviations. Multiple safety systems such as high/low temperature audible and visual alarms, remote alarm, door open alarm and keyed door locks.

Brand: PHCbi
Categories: Cold Chain Management, Pharmaceutical Refrigerators


  • Two Temperatures, One Unit
  • Usability with Performance
  • Safe & Secure Storage
  • -30°C freezing environment


  • Integrated alarm functions, remote alarm contacts and monitoring.
  • Microprocessor control for accurate temperature management.
  • Mechanical convection airflow- ducts and plenums achieve uniform temperature regardless of product loading, with quick temperature recovery following door openings.
  • High and low temperature alarm includes audible and visual warning with alarm ring back.
  • Remote alarm contacts allow connection to remote alarm system.
  • Open door indicator light with 15 minute delayed audible alarm adds to safety.
  • Keyed door locks contribute to inventory security.


External Dimensions (W x D x H) 900 x 715 x 1910 mm
Internal Dimensions (W x D x H) 810 x 615 x 1894 mm (Ref) / 770 x 552 x 422 mm (Frz)
Volume 415/176 litres (Ref/Frz)
Net Weight 168 kg
Temperature Setting Range +2 to +14 °C (Ref) / -20 to -30 °C (Frz)
Temperature Control Range +2 to +14 °C (Ref) / -20 to -30 °C (Frz)
Controller Microprocessor
Display LED
Temperature Sensor Thermistor
Cooling Method Fan forced air circulation (Ref) / Direct cooling (Frz)
Defrost Method Cyclical defrost (Ref) / Manual (Frz)
Insulation Material PUF
Exterior Material Painted steel
Interior Material Styrol resin (Ref) / Painted aluminium (Frz)
Outer Doors 4, glass window (2)
Outer Door Lock Y
Max. Load – Per Shelf/Drawer 25 & 15 (Ref/Frz) kg
Max. Load – Total 105 kg
Access Port 1
Access Port Position Back
Access Port Diameter 30
Casters 4
Interior Light LED
Power Failure V-B-R (Optional)
High Temperature V-B-R
Low Temperature V-B-R
Door Open V-B
Power Supply Local
Noise Level 43 dB [A]

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