Bigneat | Isolator


Isolator – Class III Cabinets that provide the highest level of personnel, product and environment protection against agents assigned to biosafety levels 1, 2, 3 and 4. They are frequently used for handling the deadliest biohazards such as bacteria, viruses and microorganisms.

The cabnet’s design, construction and performance comply with BS EN 12469:2000.

HEPA filters fitted as standard comply with EN 1822.

Brand: Bigneat
Categories: General Lab Equipment, Air Containment and Barrier Protection, Pharmacy Isolators


  • Efficient insulation, quiet operation
  • Lighting is bright without glare
  • Microprocessor controls cabinet functions, audible and visual alarms in case of malfunction/incorrect conditions
  • Cabinet body: Epoxy coated stainless steel
  • Interior: Welded epoxy coated 304 stainless steel, with 10cm paint-free lower region

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