Infors HT | Minitron


An all-round genius in a small space. In terms of capacity, the Minitron is the little sister of the Multitron incubator shaker, but it offers the same variety of application possibilities for microbial, animal, and plant cell cultures.

From standard experiments with microorganisms to complex cultivations of animal and plant cells, the Minitron has been designed to perform a comprehensive range of applications. Each Minitron is configured to you exact needs whilst the design ensures for a staightforward upgrade if required.

Brand: Infors HT
Categories: General Lab Equipment, Incubator Shakers, Shaking Incubators


  • Easy-to-clean interior with rounded corners
  • Base tray to retain liquid in the event of broken flasks
  • Optional hygienic direct steam humidification
  • Quiet, even and reliable for every load
  • Dynamic equilibration ensures no manual adjustment is necessary
  • Handling errors eliminated
  • Precise rotation speed control
  • Easy to clean
Operating unit
  • Touch controller with a separate display field for an ideal overview
  • Intuitive operation for easy handling
  • Precise control and monitoring
  • Integrated timer
  • Wireless data transfer for connecting to eve®
  • Recommended for target values less than 5°C above room temperature
  • Contains no CFCs
Temperature regulation
  • Precise regulation ensures homogeneous conditions for all batches
  • Connection to existing laboratory cooling system possible
  • Optionally integrated cooling for best use of space
  • Excellent insulation ensures low energy consumption
Connections and interfaces
  • Reliable Ethernet interface for connecting eve®
  • Analogue outputs as an option connect to existing monitoring and alarm systems
  • Pass-through for sensors and cables

Technical Details


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