PIXUL™ Multi-Sample Sonicator

Next-generation sequencing applications, such as ChIP-Seq, RNA-Seq, RIP-Seq, exome sequencing, and whole genome sequencing require precise sample fragmentation (200-600 bp) for compatibility with short read sequencing platforms. Shearing by physical sonication, as opposed to enzymatic methods, is preferred for its unbiased nature and ability to produce a relatively narrow fragmentation profile.

However, most currently available sonication systems are incompatible with high-throughput sample processing or require expensive proprietary plates or tubes. PIXUL is the first and only multi-sample sonicator that delivers extremely consistent shearing of up to 96 samples processed in parallel and is fast, simple, and inexpensive to operate.


Brand: Active Motif
Categories: General Lab Equipment, Bench-Top Shakers, Sonicators


PIXUL Multi-Sample Sonicator Highlights

  • Consistent: Process 1-96 samples simultaneously with extremely high reproducibility.
  • Simple: Fast setup, short learning curve, and easy operation with intuitive touchscreen.
  • Fast: Arrayed transducers and no degassing required saves time.
  • Flexible: Use up to 12 different sonication conditions per run in 96-well plates for simultaneous processing of DNA, RNA, and protein sample types.
  • Affordable: No requirement for buying accessories or expensive proprietary plates or tubes.

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