Tecan | D300e Digital Dispenser

Take advantage of Tecan’s expertise in digital dispensing to revolutionize your research!

The Tecan D300e Digital Dispenser offers a simple method for generating dose-response curves, synergy experiments, enzyme profiles and setting up PCR reactions. Using HP’s Direct Digital Dispensing technology, it provides picoliter to microliter non-contact dispensing of liquids directly into the assay plate, saving time, minimizing consumption of valuable samples and accelerating research.

From small molecules in DMSO to biomolecules in surfactant-containing aqueous solutions, this convenient benchtop solution allows rapid delivery of picoliter to microliter volumes of your compound into your assay plate

Requiring almost no set-up time, it uses disposable Dispense heads to minimize dead volumes and virtually eliminate the risk of cross-contamination, offering high quality, low volume dispensing for a wide range of applications.

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Flexible Plate Maps

Create any plate map and dispense any dose in any well. Even randomize the plate with only one click! The Tecan D300e’s software is so simple to use that one can create any plate map desired in only minutes!

Digital Titration

Use your time more efficiently in follow up studies. D300eControl software makes it easy to generate dilution series, leading to more precise determination of Hill slopes and IC50 values.

Drug Combination Studies

In vitro drug combination studies are becoming more and more. The Tecan D300e, due to independent dosing of each compound and a software wizard, finally makes it possible to execute these experiments with ease.

Enzyme Profiles

The Tecan D300e’s Enzyme Profile wizard makes it quick and easy to set up titrations using differing combinations of enzymes or substrates in aqueous buffers, and inhibitors or other small molecules in DMSO

qPCR Set-Up

The Tecan D300e’s PCR wizard makes it quick and easy to set up (q)PCR reactions in just 4 guided steps. Miniaturize your reaction volume and save on reagents and precious samples.

Time Savings

The Tecan D300e makes long, laborious workflows possible to standardize. This technology removes the need for many wasteful steps, getting to results faster.


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