Tecan | HydroSpeed™ Plate Washer

The HydroSpeed plate washer is ready for ELISA washing, as well as gentle washing of adherent and weakly-adherent cells. It supports soak steps with microplate shaking, as well as buffer switching. With full on-board operation via the easy-to-use touchscreen interface, the HydroSpeed really does offer you power and control for all your cell, bead and ELISA washing applications.

Cell Assays

  • Cell Protection™ extra gentle drop-wise dispensing to minimize cell detachment
  • Reduced turbulence via online optimization of dispense position
  • Typical cell recovery of ≥85% using tuneable aspiration settings

Bead Assays

  • Fast bead settling thanks to a patented design using two magnets per well
  • High bead recovery rates (typically ≥90 %) via tuneable aspiration settings
  • Optional vacuum filtration for non-magnetic bead washing

ELISA Assays

  • Anti-Clogging™ active prevention of needle blockage for reliable operation
  • Automated rinsing and soaking of wash head for easy handling
  • Easy X-change wash heads for straightforward ultrasonic cleaning
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