Stirring Water Bath (NB-302/ NB-302L)

By maintaining constant temperature, water bath is used for fat examining, cell incubating, ferment reaction, solvent extraction in the field such as clinic, medical technology, pharmacy, micro-biology.

Brand: NBiotek
Categories: General Lab Equipment, Bench-Top Shakers, Hotplates and Waterbaths, Waterbaths


  • Artificial intelligence system (NB TAC Sys)which maintains precise thermostatic condition is controlled by MICOM Built in magnetic stirrer located at bottom of water tank.
  • The heater for chamber is located at outside bottom of water chamber, not inside chamber.
  • LED indicates temperature, speed, time and state of power failure.
  • Convenient adjustment of water level with engraved level scale in chamber.
  • Possible to control RPM and Temperature.
  • By circulating water in chamber, stirring sample is conducted under precise temperature.

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