Resources for your Coronavirus Research

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We are ready during the COVID-19 outbreak and are committed to supporting you and your colleagues, as well as our frontline healthcare workers. From sample collection to storage of samples, we have a range of reliable products that got you covered during this period.
Corning Viral Transport Media
Formulated solution using CDC's SOP that saves time on preparation of media for research and further manufacturing use only.

N-Biotek Universal Transport Media (UTM)
The UTM consists of swabs, screw cap tubes and universal transport medium for collection of clinical specimens of viruses from patients.

PHCbi Twinguard ULT Freezers
Two independent refrigeration system provides ultimate sample protection at -80°C.

Corning CoolRack
Eliminates temperature variation across samples during experiments for various types of tubes and plates.

Corning CoolCell
Alcohol-free, standardised control rate freezing for your cells at -80°C.
UVP PCR Workstations
Shortwave 254nm UV tubes to control unwanted transfers of nucleic acids between experiments together with anti microbial coating on workstation. HEPA filtration as an option.
InnuPREP Virus TS RNA kit
Developed using the patented dual chemistry technology to extract viral RNA from respiratory swab samples for maximum yields and minimal washing steps. Kits for automated extraction are also available.
Analytik Jena InnuPure C16 Touch
Fully automated nucleic acid extraction system ensures flexibility, reliability and efficiency of handling nucleic acid samples.

Tecan DreamPrep NAP Workstation
Liquid handling platform that simplifies nucleic acid extraction workflows. The workstation can be repurposed for other applications depending on the lab's specific needs.
Rockland Coronavirus Antibodies
Specific antibodies for detecting SARS-CoV, ACE2 receptor and other receptors which are critical to understanding the mechanism of detection.

Active Motif Recombinant Human COVID-19 Antibodies
First recombinant human COVID-19 antibodies with high target specificity and sensitivity. It also interferes with binding interaction between viral spike protein and ACE2 receptor.
PHCbi CO2 and Multigas CO2/O2 Incubators
Precise CO2/O2  and temperature control ensure reliability and reproducibility of research. H2O2 decontamination option is available for thorough and quick decontamination.

Infors Shaking Incubators
The golden standard for shaking incubators with unparalleled precision for temperature, humidity, CO2, rotation speed for reliable cultivation of microorganisms and cell cultures.
Corning ELISA and PCR Microplates
A variety of high-quality plates for your diagnostic applications.

Corning Cryogenic Vials
Manufactured to withstand temperature down to -196°C, internal and external threaded options are available.

Brady Freezerbondz Cryogenic Labels
Thermal transfer printing labels that can be adhered to cold/ frozen samples. Labels are smear-free and can survive temperatures down to  -196°C.
Analytik Jena qTOWER³
RT-PCR system with patented 8 fibre optical system with fast scan times, no passive reference and flexible filter configuration.

Biometra Thermal Cyclers
Fast ramping rate coupled with superior temperature uniformity and control accuracy.

Asuragen Armored RNA Quant SARS-CoV-2 Control
Diagnostic Panel recommended by CDC and WHO and can be used as a positive diagnostic reference control. 

PaxView® COVID 19 RT-PCR Kit
One-step RT-PCR that detects the viral Orf1ab and N genes. Includes internal positive control targeting the human RNase P gene.

Genano 5250
The Genano technology captures and kills down to nanosized particles and removes gas and odours- unmatched by other air purifying technology. It is also used to remove PCR amplicons in the facility, reducing contamination between samples.

Genano 350
A smaller version of the 5250, with the same Genano technology, perfect for infection control in hospitals to removing impurities in laboratories.

UVP Crosslinker CL-3000
A short-wavelength ultraviolet device that can be used for disinfecting N95 masks

STERIS VHP Technology
The vapourised hydrogen peroxide (VHP) technology provides a true 6-log reduction in bioburden and can be used with heat-sensitive products in production and research labs.

STERIS Cleaning and Disinfecting Solutions 
Specially formulated surface cleaners and disinfectants which are effective against organic and inorganic residues, and have a broad spectrum of the antimicrobial efficacy. They are easy to validate and lot traceable.
Gilson GX-271 Liquid Handler
Dynamic syringe pumping system offers micro to hundred milli-litres volume injection, with high precision across all viscosity and a variety of tubes, vials and microplates.

HTI Smart Automation
Full walkaway solution for automating tube processing- including capping/ decapping, filling, labelling, sorting and identification. The system is fully customisable.
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